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99.9% UV protection

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Solar control window film reduces heat gain by blocking solar energy radiated by the sun. Solar energy is comprised of three bands of light: ultraviolet, visible, and infrared light. When window film is installed, a portion of the sun’s solar energy is absorbed and some is reflected by the film, with the remaining energy transmitting through the film and glass. The benefits of installing window film include:

Aesthetically appealing

Enhanced comfort

Interior heat reduction

Fade reduction of automotive interior

Glare reduction

Enhanced privacy

99.9% UV protection
Action Window Tinting Lonsdale carry a variety of state-of-the-art films, enabling you to select the one that best addresses the unique requirements for your vehicle. Our films are made in ISO 9001 certified factories within the highest-rated clean room environments. For you, this means enhanced visible clarity and longevity.
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